Thursday, February 3, 2011

List social injustice issues;

Poverty - is a long term vicious cycle of the matter of life and death, people find themselves unable to break away from.  In most cases many are deprivedfrom food, education, shelter and employment.

Discrimnation of the basis of sex- Womens rights in developing countries are poor and are treated unequally, men usually have the better of them referring to over less property. Also towards the means of the work force men over rule womens rights.

Racial discrimination - is another kind of social injustice, people who are black are considered inferior to the whites. There is no basis for this theory, yet racial discrimination is a reality which many African Americans live with everyday.

Sexuality - Nowhere is social injustice more obvious than in the case of homosexuals. People openly declare homosexuality to be unnatural and against religion! Denying homosexuals the right to get married and live a life of dignity is nothing but social injustice.

Domestic violence/ violence against women and children Women in undeveloping are treated unfairly relating to their status, they are not equal to men and resulting in domestic violence.

Fair wages/ Living wages - With women struggling for education, men usually have the benefit of living wages that relate to working structures and patterns.

Access to Health Care - There are no main access to health care, then are underprivelleged to recieving health care.


  1. We need justice to fight for our rights as a human and as a son and daughters of God. I hope that we will all claim for our right.
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  3. Tina do you really have nothing better to do with your time than make rude obnoxious comments? Lets make another social injustice those who speak there minds before thinking about the effect it has on others.

  4. How about drop all the social justice bull! If things keep heading the way they are its not long til white males are sitting in the back of the bus, and treated no better if not worse for skin color.since every problem stems from white males? Seems silly that supposedly educated people can't see where this is headed.teaching that its all white males and there privlidge when the real enemy of equality is money.wake up before its to late.